Luigi Abaterusso is not a conventional entertaine. His voice was a roar, and his way of entertaining the audience is engaging, intimate, personal. Everything he says becomes quotable and every performance is a gripping tale. His debut was in a private radio station of Salento. In 1999 he was the voice of Radio Orizzonti Activity and his first stage was of the famous club Ciak until he meet the dj Danilo Seclì. The professional and artistic growth does not stop, and the red light on his microphone lights up in all the important clubs in the South Italy. The meeting between Luigi  and Samsara coincides with the beginning of the Beach Party history. This  collaboration led him to be on stage in the whole country in with the Samsara Beach Tour. Luigi Abaterusso is the voice, symbol and flag of the Beach Party. If he’s there, sold-out is assured.