Emilo Perulli aka DjSpike YQ_RmX is born in 1989 and starts djing in 2003.

His passion for music is wide and begins thanks to his friend and dj Andrea Santoro who teaches him how to approach on mixing and producing music.

In 2004, the 15 years old dj is resident of his own party at Est Cafè in Lecce. This is the first regga/hip-hop college party in the city that gives the possibility to Emilio to be listened from a huge massive. At the same time he establishes the Kick Side Crew sound with his friends Antionio KS, Bonzo and Giaco.

From his firsts performances Spike mixes in his sets different kinds of music, putting in his tracklists music drawer from his background with his remixes. He is one of the firsts in his town to approach mixing in this way. A big energy flow in his parties and his technique is accurate, insomuch as people starts following him despite the ever evolving and hard Salento musical scene of that years.

He grows up and starts to play and comes abreast of the most important musicians and djs in the reggae scene (MacroMarco, Mad Kid, ma anche Black Chiney, Supersonic, PowPow), touring in different dancehalls in Italy like for example Mamanera(Le), ZooBar(Rm), Mamamia(Senigallia), CS Cantieri(Mi), Parcifal(Cz),Red Passion(Cb), Festa dello studente Urbino..

In 2008 founds the duo “110Brothers” with his long-time friend CharlyKS with whom they play back to back and produce remixes.

Dj Spike started to actively contribute in the group BoomDaBash in 2009, when the sound was in rise of success, after the launch of the first official album “UNO” (2008 ELIANTO EDIZIONI). The main link between the group and the dj is the fresh and innovative style of dealing with reggae music.Furthermore this is the second fundamental step of his professional growth, thanks to the founder of the group Blazon (who is a dj, sound engineer and producer)

This mentor, placed him in a variety of professional context beside making him able to come abreast of musician playing live. the main result was a blend of the electronic style with high level live instrumental music sessions.