Born in 1982, he discovered, as a child, to have a gift: the perfect pitch. People who have this gift, is able to perfectly reproduce any melody in any manner without having ever done before. He began to “play” with the first musical instruments like piano, trumpet and percussion. Soon he learns to play everything with common instruments or any kind of strange objects. Percussion, however, remain his favorite. Play drums for him is a liberating rite. The freedom to turn a song into a dance samba, to shape the music, to write an invisible score using only its bright chopsticks. His talent was soon discovered by all of Salento club and so he begins a collaboration with Samsara in 2007. For many people he is a symbol, a creature made of nerves and music that manages to slow down time and ensure that the Beach Parties will never end. In 2011 he also joined the project Salento Calls Italy by Danilo Seclì, realizing all the drum session and sharing the arrangements. With his performances he transform every stage of Samsara tour in a real live show.