About us

Samsara Beach.

Since years, Samsara beach represents one of the most important brand in the italian beach life reality, which already makes Gallipoli one of the most attractive tourist destination of “Bel Paese”, proving to be the most famous beach everywhere.

Every day, more or less, many people from all over the world take part to the ritual known Samsara Beach Party, where they dance on the best sound of all time.
During the party, the most popular Djs of the moment , come up with the hottest house music and best-selling hits, creating an incredible atmosphere that has already fascinated hundreds of thousands of fans from every part of the planet.

Samsara is fast becoming an emergent clicked social phenomenon, with more of 350.000 fans on Facebook, 30.000 followers on instagram, found also on Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.